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About Us

About Us

Taylor’d Funerals is a local family owned funeral home and service that will offer an onsite arrangement room, adult viewing room, child viewing room, mortuary and coffin display room ensuring that your loved one is looked after from the time we take them into our care until they are farewelled.

Our modern facilities will create an atmosphere that is both warm and inviting. However, more important than the beauty of our home is the manner in which our staff serve the families who pass through our doors. Attention to detail and encouragement of meaningful and creative services is our focus.

A funeral, or memorial service, should provide family members and loved ones with the chance to reflect, remember, and celebrate a life well-lived. At Taylor’d Funerals, our goal is to create exceptional services and experiences that fulfil the wishes of your loved one.

While we await completion of our premises, your loved will be cared for at either:

Our Team

Karen Taylor

Karen Taylor is the owner of Taylor’d Funerals and has a heart for service to others.

Karen holds a Bachelor of Economics, Diploma in Education and is a Registered Civil Celebrant. She has been a resident of the Macarthur Region for the last 50 years, growing up in Campbelltown and then raising her own family in Camden.

Karen attended St John’s Catholic Primary School and John Therry Catholic High School. Her tertiary studies were at the University of Sydney.

Karen is the proud mother of 5 children – Kiara, Geordie, Jesse, Braith and Adison.

During the last 27 years Karen has worked in a diverse range of educational settings including Elizabeth Macarthur High School, Magdalene Catholic High School, Mater Dei and Aspect Macarthur. In addition to her role as a classroom teacher she has held the positions of Deputy Principal and School Principal. Karen is also a highly regarded Civil Celebrant with over 15 years experience officiating at hundreds of wedding and funeral services.

Those who know Karen would attest to her being a woman of integrity with strong convictions. She displays authentic sensitivity, is approachable and a person who possesses sophisticated advocacy skills and the courage and determination to both pursue and represent justice.

Funeral Director
Rebekah Thacker
Rebekah Thacker is a full-time Funeral Director with Taylor’d Funerals.


Rebekah is well known by many as the exceptional Concierge whose warm and friendly smile has, for the last 5 years, welcomed families to the Chapels at Forest Lawn, Leppington.

Rebekah has worked in a diverse range of service based roles throughout her career life, however, it is her time in the funeral industry that has been the most rewarding for her so far. Bek says that “To be with families &/or their loved ones in their most vulnerable moments, and final moments have been nothing but an absolute honour”.

As a Funeral Director, Rebekah is now able to guide families planning their funerals, and ensuring everyone’s wishes are heard. With many years experience in attendance at funerals as a concierge Rebekah has seen families farewell their loved ones in every way imaginable and is able to offer many creative ideas with first hand knowledge and excellent relationships with our suppliers.

Discretion, kindness and compassion are of utmost importance to Bek.